Over the last few days, the Universe has been delivering to me a conspicuously high number of instances where people are extolling feminism, a women’s virtue and role in society, and how we as men relate to women.  Someone I know even argued that the majority of men are “broken” in regard to their perception and treatment of women, with which I disagree strongly.  But I do think that we, as men, don’t always focus on a woman’s complete essence.

I’m moved by physical beauty and love to look at women (one very much in particular).  But I get an incredible sense of wholeness and fulfillment when I step back and appreciate a woman for whom she is…How she moves.  How she interacts with her environment.  Her laugh.  How she hurts.  How she heals.  The way she loves.

We, as men, get wrapped up in looks because it’s a powerful biological response, not to mention the social tendencies towards objectification.

I like to think most men appreciate women for all the beauty they encompass and not just a hair color or set of measurements.  Not all do.  But I wish more women would have faith in us that we aren’t all represented by our lowest common denominators.  We appreciate you for you… All of you, even though we aren’t always terrific at expressing it.

The world has a lot to learn about treating each other as equals and prizing our differences rather than using them as weapons or cages. I can’t think of a better place to start than men and women working to understand each other. You might argue that not all men think this way. But we do more than you might realize… Even if we suck at showing it. And for those who don’t, I would encourage you to respond not in anger, hurt, or retribution… But as a positive teacher. As someone who wants to bridge that gap and make us all closer by understanding each other. Most men who claim they don’t want this, are rude, crass, hurtful, or misogynistic are that way out of fear or their own hurt. As Marianne Williamson says, we are born with love, and we learn fear along the way. So, let’s all work to change that fear into a healthy trust and vulnerability. I pledge to do so as well.