I’ve been listening to an audio version of the seminal, hugely controversial work Power vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Essentially, Dr. Hawkins helped develop and popularize an arbitrary scale that measures the degree to which any one thing, person, animal, fruit, vegetable, idea, or otherwise “calibrates” in the world of collective consciousness.  He suggests that we (the entire universe) are all part of an invisible database of awareness undetectable by otherwise measurable means (i.e. the five senses, a machine, etc.).  The higher something/someone calibrates on this scale, which measures from 0-1000, the more that being or entity resonates on the scale and therefore, represents a higher interest and push towards the advancement of collective humanity.

He describes people in history who would have calibrated high on the scale, and they are usually people who represented liberating social movements, i.e. Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.

I don’t ascribe to any one particular religious belief.  In fact, aside from being raised Jewish, I consider myself to be mostly atheist.  However, I do feel a sense of something that I can’t explain.  Something by which I am greatly touched and moved.  It’s a sense of connection and unity to everyone and everything.  And every now and then, it overwhelms me.  I feel it when I walk into a room full of coaches and healers.  I feel it when I walk into a country dance hall where nothing but good times have been had.  I distinctly DON’T feel it in places like strip clubs, where the patrons are typically there to have a one-sided, pleasurable experience, and the dancers are giving and receiving nothing but dollar bills in return for giving something typically considered very intimate and personal.

However, I feel it most when I’m in a place of roused energy.  I’ve been a musician for over twenty years.  I play the drums, an instrument that has been linked to primal communication and motivation for millennia.  And when I’m playing drums around a lot of people, I am able to tap into this sense of connectedness.  I’ve never been calibrated, but I would guess that I’m probably ranking pretty high on Hawkins’ scale in that moment as the energies produced and commingled feel unbelievable.  It’s like plugging a lamp into a wall — it just makes me (and the others around me) light up.

This got me to thinking.  Over the last 50 years, technology has advanced and people have found more effective ways to dissociate with each other.  With as many incredible advances the Internet has introduced, it has also allowed us to insulate ourselves.  Why go to the store when Amazon delivers almost everything you could possibly need?  Why attend the (now disappearing) town social when you can simply meet online in a chat room?

This is just part of it.  On the other side of the coin, we have developed a decidedly strange and seemingly unnatural sense of voyeurism and the need to experience spikes of momentary pleasure.  Reality TV shows, which were once limited to MTV’s The Real World and the island survival show Survivor, have now infected nearly every channel on the dial.  They all seem to have a common theme, too…extreme emotions.  Despite being called “reality” TV, these shows are carefully scripted (sometimes entirely so) and crafted to evoke strong and arguably artificial feelings of love, anger, sympathy, and more.  To me, it’s utter manipulation of people’s emotions in order to keep them tuned in so the networks can sell more ads.  THAT is not an end aimed at collective human advancement; it’s completely self serving.

And what about energy drinks?  Energy drinks aren’t just the answer to “how can I get more done?”  They’re drugs that create a high, evoking the same dopamine production in the brain as toxic reality shows.  Yet we gulp them down by the case.

What about the emphasis of being “in the club” in rap and pop lyrics lately?  It’s all focused on being charged up in the moment.

So after so much time and such massive popularity why have these shows, these drinks, and this need to FEEL MORE become so popular over the last couple decades?  I couldn’t escape the question.

I finally reached the conclusion that we, as part of this universal, collective consciousness, need connection.  We need to feel close to people, whether we like them or not.  We need to feel like that lamp that’s plugged into a wall.

And if we’re spending less time in one anothers’ presence, vibrating at lower levels, co-creating less energy together (not to mention the consequences of skyrocketing divorce rates, etc.), we’re going to compensate by seeking out those connections in less traditional and arguably less healthy ways.

I don’t know whether or not I believe in Dr. Hawkins’ theories yet.  But I do kn0w I and we are part of something bigger.  Some call it God.  I call it the Universe.  And I know that, in many ways, we’re no longer as connected to it as we used to be.

But, this drives me at a fundamental level.  I really believe we are capable of reconnecting to this sense of each other.  And on some level, so do you.

So, how will we begin to make this happen today?