I love to plan things out.

When I want to impress my wife (which is always, of course), I come up with an entire evening, complete with restaurant reservations and pre-mapped directions.  When I’m preparing for a business meeting, I have the agenda typed up, printed out, and I’ve even inserted our logo and taken the time to pick a cool font.

Great, eh?

Not always.  The thing about planning is that there’s really a law of diminishing returns.

Sure…it’s absolutely essential that you prepare for a situation.  Have a game plan and stick to it as much as it makes sense to do so.

However in most situations, any more planning beyond that point is not about you trying to be prepared; it’s you trying to compensate for feeling nervous and not having control over the situation.

Trying to forecast how every scenario will play out, how every disaster will strike, how every bit of competition will arise is futile.  In fact, all you’re doing is preparing yourself for situations that will likely never happen the way in which you’re imagining them.  You’re doing a ton of work that’s actually achieving the opposite of your goals.

So what’s the answer?

It’s this: learn HOW to handle situations as they come up, and LEARN FROM them.  Do you think anyone has ever become an expert driver by just taking driver’s ed classes?  No way!  You learn how to handle the highway by almost getting run off of it a few times.

We’re creatures of experience, and we learn best by doing.  The best thing you can do as you’re getting ready to start a business is put together a solid business plan and marketing plan and have them reviewed.  Check and double check your funding sources, and put the right amount of time into finding good people.

Then, every morning, wake up and remind yourself that you are 100% equipped to handle whatever comes your way today.  And when things get screwed up, learn the lesson and realize this is just another step towards becoming the explosive success that your fine little self is destined to become.