A friend once told me that he tries to do at least one thing per day to go outside of his comfort zone.

I really admire that.  It’s amazing, actually.  To try and make yourself uncomfortable, just a little bit, every single day so that you continually grow.

But that got me thinking…how far can you go outside your comfort zone on a daily basis?  I mean, it’s not like you can jump out of planes or dive with sharks every day.

Little fears, though, creep up all the time.  Much more subtle fears that we don’t even notice, perhaps.  Things like, which line we choose at the grocery store, based on the look of the checkout clerk, or which lane of the highway we pick, to avoiding a phone call we know we have to make.

We all have little things we avoid on a daily basis.  I find that when I push myself to do those things, I actually feel better.  They’re simply a mini-version of the big fears.  And the more we push ourselves to do them, them more motivated and conditioned we’ll be to overcome the monster ones.

So, what are you avoiding?