In a post from earlier this week, I preached the necessity of having other people around you as an entrepreneur.  And in another one, I extolled the virtues of participation in a mastermind group.

Today we’re going to cover co-working.

Quite simply, co-working is just what it sounds — two or more people working in the same place at the same time.  It’s not hard and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  It simply gives you a chance to have some company while you do your genius thing.

Tomorrow, my friend George is coming to my office to co-work with me.  We’re going to chat for a bit, go have lunch, then break open our laptops and work.  Maybe the occasional conversation will happen, but that time is really not for chit-chat…it’s for work.

You can co-work with an individual any time you want, and keep it relatively informal.  All you need is a time and place.  Internet is helpful, and caffeine is mandatorially optional.

Another option is paid co-working.  This is when you actually pay to work in a hosted space that’s dedicated to co-working, and you have the chance to be around several other small business people and solopreneurs who just want to be in similar company.

Google “co-working” and your city name, and see what comes up.  You might also check — many people form co-working groups on there as well, some for free.  I know of at least three or four here in Austin, i.e. Link, Conjunctured, Capital Factory, etc.  What’s especially cool about those types of places is that they typically host events that are geared towards entrepreneurs and small businesses, and you can do some terrific networking.

The world of being an entrepreneur can get pretty lonely, so it helps to have some company every now and then.  Co-working is one creative way to make this happen.