I went to a networking group today.  You learn a lot from those.

For instance, you learn what kind of business person you want to associate with.  Sometimes, you can’t even put your finger on why.

As is usually the case, we all went around and did a quick introduction.  Generally, most people are a little nervous when waiting for their turn.  It’s tough to summarize your business, sound confident, and not overthink it all at the same time.

That’s the thing, though…so many of these people tried to sound impressive-er than they feel they are.  A lot of them came off as arrogant as a result.  And even further, they didn’t connect.

As business people, we work so hard to convince people to do business with us; that we’re honest and trustworthy, and even further, deserving of other people’s money to provide service.  But the people I’ve found to be the most successful are the ones who don’t try so hard — they just do what they do and be who they be.  They don’t rely on catch phrases or taglines to demonstrate value.  They just exude trust and competence from within.

I’m not saying a tagline isn’t important, especially in the age of attention spans that last nanoseconds.  But the people who got my attention today were not the most succinct…they were the most interesting.  They oozed charisma, and they were forthright about what they could offer you and how they could make your life easier.

This is an abstract argument, but the bottom line is this: worry a less about who you’re trying to impress, and focus on two things: honing your craft so well that you can do it asleep and upside down.  And #2, find people you like to be around.  The business will show up when people see how awesome you really are.

You are awesome…right?