I was thinking about political correctness tonight.  You could definitely argue, with all of our “Something-challenged”, “Something-American,” descriptors, that we worry way too much about who we’re going to offend.  Or that by breaking everything into these splinter groups so that no one feels ignored, that we’re fracturing our identities into sub-group after sub-group until there’s no “whole” anymore.

But the thing is…we aren’t inventing those groups.  Why?  They already existed.

Why again?  Because there’s never been a “normal.”  We’ve always been a nation of splintered units and subgroups and factions.

That’s just never been popular or cool.  It’s always been something to ignore or sweep under the rug.

There’s a major shift that seems to have happened/be happening in this country, and that is well, the meek are finally inheriting the Earth.  The non-White, non-rich, non-mainstream cultures have always been around…but now they have a voice.

Maybe it’s because now it’s easier than ever for these individuals to find each other and join together, if even just virtually.

For instance, here are “10 Totally Bizarre Facebook Groups & Pages.”  10 groups of people…”freaks,” if you will.  These people may have come to somewhat prominence because of the Internet, but they aren’t new.  There have always been freaks in this country.

Recently, the freaks and splinter groups have just made themselves more known, and are finally being heard.

Is this making a difference in our world?  You betcha.  From a cultural standpoint, look at how much rap music has impacted the way we talk, speak, dress, etc.  Next time you hear a middle aged woman use the phrase “get my ________ on,” don’t think that she learned this from reading Time Magazine.