Somebody recently gave me a compliment.  She said I’m always really caring and thoughtful.

This came as a complete surprise to me, as I usually find myself feeling selfish and crabby.

I got to thinking about it, though, and realized there are times when I’m not trying to be caring or thoughtful.  I’m doing what I believe should be done for someone else.

I hear variations on this theme all the time — people save others from car accidents or burning buildings, give up their kidneys, etc.  When asked why they did it, it’s obvious that person wasn’t trying to be a hero.  You’ll often hear something like, “It’s just what needed to be done.”

I guess my question is this…why is it that we see the people who believe that exceptional things “are just what need to be done” as heroes, and not the norm?  Why aren’t we a community of superheroes?

Sure, there are obvious answers…greed, ego, etc. But really, what would it take for us to become a real community full of superheroes where the bar for extraordinary is lowered to just ordinary for everyone?