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What could you accomplish if you had no fear?  What kind of radical shifts would you see in your personal, professional, and social life if you had nothing stopping you?  Learn the secrets to abolishing your fears and taking giant steps towards the bold, daring life you’ve always dreamed of leading.

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Meet Benjamin

Who Is This Guy?

Benjamin Portnoy has been no stranger to fear throughout his life.  After battling panic attacks as a teenager, he started spending hundreds of hours learning the science of fear and motivation. He has since devoted his life to helping others overcome their fears, as well as business and pleasure pursuits.

As owner of Mouthpiece Media, he has helped small businesses brand and market themselves, as well as overcome the fears inherent in starting and running a new venture.  This has included work for larger companies as well, including Dell, BMW, Alcon, H&R Block, Applebee’s, and Texas Department of Transportation.

As a professional musician, Portnoy has played for thousands of fans across the country.  This has included gigs for San Antonio Spurs, Baylor University, St. Louis Rams, and more, playing and speaking onstage in front of up to 3,000 people at a time.

He is an active speaker and writer, and is currently toiling away on his first book to be released in early Fall 2014.  It will focus on how to overcome the fear of leaving a full-time job and finding one’s truth path in life.

2014 Book Release

Get Benjamin Portnoy’s Exciting New Book to Help Beat Fear

After years of research, Benjamin has just released his first book, Taming A Shark.  A combination of powerful personal narratives, the latest scientific research related to processing and beating fear, and motivating activities to help you take bold, immediate, and lasting action, Taming A Shark is a must-read for anyone wanting to build self confidence and stop giving in to fears.  “I know what it’s like to feel that shame and disgust when opportunities are passing right in front of my face and I’m too afraid to take the first step forward,” said Portnoy.  “I’ve spent years learning how to break down those fears and move past them, and I was so motivated to share those skills with anyone who’s ever felt the same way.”


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